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Shanghai is the busiest transport hub in eastern China. As an important financial and business center of China and of the world, Shanghai has highly developed infrastructure, including a convenient public transportation network. Shanghai is also the popular destination of many international flights to China. You can easily travel to Shanghai from not only the adjacent cities of Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou, but also the distant cities such as Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. You can travel there by air, train, long-distance bus, or ship.

General Information
Shanghai Taxi
Shanghai Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone
Shanghai Transportation
more Shanghai transportation information offered by a Beijing travel agency.
Public Transport in Shanghai
Shanghai has an extensive public transport system, largely based on buses, trolley buses, taxis, and a rapidly expanding metro system.
Getting To and Getting Around Shanghai
offered by about.com
Air China
Air China Official Site.
Shanghai Traffic Maps
Shanghai metro map, Shanghai airlines toute chart map and Shanghai maglev train map.
Transportation To the Expo Site
Shanghai government is rushing to construct a comprehensive urban traffic system integrating underground, ground and water.
Shanghai Public Transportation Card
The Shanghai Public Transportation Card (SPTC) is a contactless card, utilizing RFID technology, which can be used to access many forms of public transport and related services in and around the Shanghai, China area.
Shanghai Transport from Virtual Tourist
Tips for getting around Shanghai posted by real travelers and Shanghai locals.
Learning Your Chinese Highway Codes
by Louisa Lim.
Shanghai Transportation Videos
Shanghai transportation stock videos

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport is a major aviation hub in Asia, particularly in the East Asian region, and is the primary international airport serving Shanghai of the People's Republic of China.
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is one of two airports in Shanghai, China. It is located in Changning District, 13km west of downtown Shanghai in Puxi.
Shanghai Airport Maps
Here we provide a detailed map, clearly showing the location of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport.
Shanghai Airlines
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shanghai Flights
PVG stands for Shanghai Pudong International Airport while SHA for Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.
Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal Video
A video of Shanghai Pudong Airport terminal.
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Shuttle Bus
In Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, there are 6 airport shuttle bus lines handling transfer service from the Hongqiao Airport to the city center of Shanghai and Pudong Airport.
Shanghai Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus
Pudong Airport operates six bus routes, connecting Pudong airport with different areas in central city.
No.2 Terminal of Hongqiao Airport in Operation
Passengers check in for boarding inside the new terminal of the Hongqiao Airport of Shanghai, east China, March 16, 2010.

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Shanghai Railway Station
The official website of Shanghai Railway Station.
Train Timetable in Chinese
provided by huoche.com.cn in Chinese.
Shanghai Railway Station
Shanghai Railway Station is the main railway station in Shanghai. The station is located on Moling Road, Zhabei District, to the North of the city centre.
Shanghai South Railway Station
Shanghai South Railway Station, also Shanghai South Station, is a railway station in the city of Shanghai, China. Located in the Xuhui District, its importance is second only to the Shanghai Railway Station.
Shanghai West Railway Station
Shanghai West Railway Station is a railway station in the Putuo District of Shanghai which has lost its previous importance in favor of the new Shanghai South Railway Station but is currently under re-construction.
Getting to Shanghai: By Train
Shanghai has a few major train stations.
Train from Hong Kong to Shanghai
The train from Hong Kong to Shanghai is the easiest way to travel between the two cities. Below you’ll find information on where to catch the train, timetables and prices for the train from Hong Kong to Shanghai.
Shanghai Railway Station (Shanghai Metro)
Shanghai Railway Station Station is an interchange station between Lines 1, 3 and 4 on the Shanghai Metro. It is one of the stations where Line 3 and Line 4 share the same tracks and elevated platforms.

Long-Distance Bus
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway
The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, also known as the Jinghu High-Speed Railway, is a 1,318 kilometres (819 mi) long high-speed railway that will connect two major economic zones in the People's Republic of China: the Bohai Sea Rim and the Yangtze River Delta.
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Stations
There are several Long-Distance Bus Stations in Shanghai.
Shanghai Long Distance Central Bus Station
Shanghai Long Distance Central Bus Station is located at the North Square of Shanghai Railway Station.
Timetable of Long-Distance Bus
offered by I Need Hotel
Getting to Shanghai: By bus
There are several long-distance bus stations in Shanghai. You should try to get the tickets as early as possible.
Shanghai South Bus Station
Shanghai South Bus Station is located at the Shilong Lu Station of metro Line One.

Wu Song Ferry Terminal
The digital location map of Wu Song ferry terminal of Shanghai.
Shanghai Boat Tickets
Boat tickets are cheaper than train tickets.
Shanghai Express (Ship)
The Shanghai Express is a Hapag-Lloyd's Hamburg Express class container ship, delivered in 2002.
Shanghai to Putuoshan
detailed information about Shanghai to Putuoshan by train.
Shanghai to Japan Route Map
The photos were taken en route to Shanghai. The time shown is approx time of passing.
Getting to Shanghai: By boat
There are ferry services from Kobe and Osaka (Japan) weekly and Hong Kong.
Shanghai Ship Company
Su Zhou Hao Ship between Shanghai to Japan.

Shanghai Bus Group Company
The official website of Shanghai buses.
Shanghai Buses Maps & Lines
There are almost 1000 formal bus lines in Shanghai, including the Downtown and Suburban lines, served by about 20 bus companies.
Shanghai Bus Routes in English
A tutorial of the Shanghai bus system to help the travelers.
Shanghai opens 42 Expo Bus Routes
Shanghai opens 42 special bus routes during the upcoming 2010 World Expo to help get visitors to the Expo sites, Xinhua News Agency reported.
Shanghai Public Bus System
The public bus system of Shanghai is quite extensive, but the signs at bus stops are usually only labeled in Chinese.
Shanghai Bus from Wikipedia
Shanghai has more than 1000 formal bus lines (including downtown and suburban lines), served by about 20 bus companies, including Bashi, Dazhong, Guanzhong and Qiangsheng, the four largest.
Shanghai's New Double-Decker Bus
Although we haven't seen the double-decker bus in real life, we assumed that it was a tourist bus until we read that it only travels on Huai Hai Lu and only costs 2 yuan per ride.
Getting Around Shanghai: By bus
The bus system is much more extensive (and typically cheaper) than the Metro, and some routes even operate past the closing time of the Metro.
Shanghai Bus Videos
offered by pond5.com
Shanghai Sightseeing Bus
Sightseeing buses are a convenient way for you to tour Shanghai. Jinjiang and Dazhong Sightseeing Buses will take you to the well-known tourist attractions.

Shanghai Metro
The Shanghai Metro is the urban rapid transit system of China's largest city, Shanghai. The system incorporates both subway and light railway lines.
Shanghai Metro Map
a detailed large map of Shanghai metro
Shanghai Metro
This the Shanghai metro official website, which offers you the most detailed information about Shanghai metro
Line 1, Shanghai Metro
Line 1 is the main north-south line of the Shanghai Metro and was the first line to open, in 1995.
Line 2, Shanghai Metro
Line 2 forms the west-east axis of the Shanghai metro network, intersecting with the north-south axis Line 1 at People's Square.
Line 3, Shanghai Metro
Line 3 is a part of the Shanghai Metro system, and was previously known as the Pearl Line.
Line 4, Shanghai Metro
Line 4 on the Shanghai Metro network is a loop line in the city of Shanghai.
Line 5, Shanghai Metro
Line 5, also known as the Xinmin Line, was opened on November 25, 2003 as the fourth line on the Shanghai Metro to open.
Line 6, Shanghai Metro
Line 6, also known as the Pudong Light Railway, is a rapid transit line that runs mainly north-south on the Shanghai Metro network in Shanghai, China.
Line 7, Shanghai Metro
Line 7 on the Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit line in Shanghai, China.
Line 8, Shanghai Metro
Line 8, also known as the Yangpu Line, is a metro line that runs north-south on the Shanghai Metro network, from Shiguang Road, in Yangpu District to Aerospace Museum, in Minhang.
Line 9, Shanghai Metro
Line 9 is a heavy rail line that runs mainly east-west on the Shanghai Metro network. The line runs from Songjiang New City in Songjiang District to Middle Yanggao Road in Pudong.
Line 10, Shanghai Metro
Line 10, planned name M1, is a rapid transit line in Shanghai.
Line 11, Shanghai Metro
Line 11 has two lines: Line A (the Main Line) and Line B (the Branch Line). The two lines have the same route and stations after Jiading New City, but start from different stations.
Line 12, Shanghai Metro
Line 12 generally runs in a northeast-southwest direction, from Jinhai Road in Pudong to Qixin Road in Minhang District.
Line 13, Shanghai Metro
Line 13 is a line on the Shanghai Metro network, with its first section opening on April 20, 2010.
Line 14, Shanghai Metro
Shanghai Metro Line 14 is a metro line planned for construction between 2010 and 2020.
Shanghai Metro’s “One-Day” Travel Pass
Travel experience on the Shanghai metro for one day written by William Wun.

Shanghai Maglev Train
The official website of Shanghai Maglev Train
Shanghai Maglev Train from Wikipedia
The Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid is a magnetic levitation train (maglev) line near Shanghai, China.
Shanghai Maglev Train Reviews
Shanghai maglev train reviews by real travelers.
Shanghai Maglev Train Ticket
Here we offer a vivid guide to show you the ticket purchasing time, ticket offices, ticket types, prices and return as well as many helpful tips on Shanghai Maglev Train.
Shanghai Maglev Videos
Offered by pond5.com
Shanghai Maglev Reviews by Trip Advisor
Shanghai Maglev Reviews by real travelers.

Boat Cruise in Shanghai
Offered by Travel Blog.org
Besides the tourist ferries and cruises, ferries are also used as a simple mode of transportation in Shanghai.
Huangpu River Cruise
The Huangpu River (Huangpu Jiang) is the city's shipping artery both to the East China Sea and to the mouth of the Yangzi River, which the Huangpu joins 29km (18 miles) north of downtown Shanghai.
Getting Around Shanghai: By Ferry
A useful ferry runs between the Bund and Lujiazui financial district in Pudong and is the cheapest way of crossing the river at 2 yuan per person.

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