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Shanghai has been famed as "the shopping paradise" and “the oriental paris” in history, so it is no surprise that Western-style malls have been replacing traditional shop fronts, Chinese department stores, and alley markets across Shanghai. Today there are shops, stores and commercial centers scattered in every corner of Shanghai. Visitors come to shanghai with a purpose of appreciating the beautiful urban scenery, as well as shopping in its various kinds of shops and stores. Nanjing road, known as China's No.1 commercial street, is a must for all visitors; Huaihai Road, which is an elegant and cultural commercial street, attracts thousands of young people who search for the latest fashion; and sichuan road is specially favored by the working classes. What’s more, the modern xujiahui commercial town, the traditional yu yuan bazaar, and the kerry ever bright city near the exit of the shanghai railroad station are all prime locations for avid shoppers. Read some shopping excursion reviews and shopping tips before you are brave enough to deal with the smart vendors in Shanghai!

General Information
Shopping in Shanghai
Tips and Info for the expatriate community
Shanghai Shopping Map
Map of Shanghai Shopping District, Map of Nanjing Road Shopping Street and Map of Huaihai Lu Shopping Street
Shanghai Shopping Reviews by Virtural Tourist
Go shopping in Shanghai with recommendations, reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and locals.
Shanghai Shopping Guide
The best shopping for visitors tends to be in the city's markets, whether you are looking for traditional Chinese goods, colonial-era souvenirs or the latest Western fashions at bargain prices.
Shanghai Shopping
Shanghai Shopping: specialities, souvenirs and more Shanghai Shopping Guide Offered by Trustworthy Beijing China Travel agency and China Tour Operator.
Shanghai Shopping Tips
Shanghai Shopping tips by Interactive Travel Guide
Shanghai Shopping Streets
Offered by Meet-in-Shanghai.net
Shanghai Shopping for All Wallets
From trendy stores and local fashion designers, to antiques, tailors, pearls and jewellery in this no-holds-barred Shanghai shopping guide.
Shanghai Shopping Reviews
Go shopping in Shanghai with recommendations, reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and locals.
What and Where to Shop in Shanghai
Just like with the other attractions and events that are target destinations while in Shanghai, shopping in the city has to be experienced.
Local Products & Souvenirs in Shanghai
Offered by yahoo.com
Shanghai Shopping Videos
Shanghai shopping stock videos in the main shopping centers.
A Shopper’s Guide to Shanghai
As the financial hub of China, Shanghai is one of the most exciting commercial centers in the world. Find anything you could possibly want here.

Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road from Wikipedia
Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai, China, and is one of the world's busiest shopping streets.
Shanghai Nanjing Road
Shanghai Nanjing Road is a walking street that is always packed with people waching other people.
Nanjing Road Photo Gallery
Nanjing Road photo gallery from galenfrysinger.com
Nanjing Lu Reviews
offered by Trip Advisor
Nanjing Road Maps - Shanghai Shopping Street
Nanjing Road, the China's premier shopping street, is about 3.4 mile, starting at the Bund in the east and ends in the west at the junction of Jingan Temple and Yan'an West Street.
Nanjing Road Shopping Mall Shanghai
The city of Shanghai is one of the world-famous shopping destinations of the world. Nanjing Road Shopping Mall, Shanghai is one such well-known shopping center in China.
Shopping along Nanjing Road
The main stretch of shops on Nanjing Road starts at the Bund and ends at the Jing'an Temple. It is divided into two parts: Nanjing Road E. and Nanjing Road W.
Nanjing Road Videos
Offered by pond5.com
Nanjing Road Reviews
One of the two major commercial streets in Shanghai (in addition to Huai Hai Road), Nan Jing Road spans 5.5 kilometres east to west.
Nanjing Road From Wikitravel
Nanjing Road is Shanghai's main shopping street, famously named one of the World's Seven Great Roads in the 1930s and now making a rapid comeback after decades of Maoist austerity.

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Huaihai Road
Huai Hai Road
Huai Hai Road is a 6 kilometers long street located at the center of the urban area of Shanghai. It is divided into East, Middle and West Huai Hai Road.
Huaihai Road Commercial Street & Map
A detailed Huaihai Road Commercial Street & Map offered by chinamaps.info.
Shopping Street - Huaihai Road
As a tourism and shopping street Huaihai Road shares a good reputation with the Nanjing Road.
Huaihai Road Reviews
Built in 1901, the six-kilometer-long Huai Hai Road commemorates the Huai Hai Battle during Liberation.
Huai Hai Road Videos
By videosurf.com
Map of Huaihai Lu Shopping Street
Below is a bilingual map of Huaihai Lu shopping street in Shanghai. All the shops and stores along the Huaihai Road shopping street are listed to help make it easy for you to shop for the items that you want.
Shopping along Huaihai Road Middle
Huaihai Road M. was built in the early 20th century, which is well known for its elegant and flourishing business.

North Sichuan Road
North Sichuan Road
The North Sichuan Road is a significant street in Shanghai, financial center of China. It's an important commercial street in central Shanghai, and also the most prosperous and busiest street in Hongkou District.
North Sichuan Road Commercial Street
North Sichuan Road is the third longest commercial street in Shanghai after Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road.
North Sichuan Road
Next to Nanjing Rd. and Huaihai Rd., it is the third largest commercial street in Shanghai.

Xujiahui, also known as Zikawei, based on the local pronunciation, is an area in the Xuhui District of Shanghai, China and the name of a metro station in this area.
Xu Jia Hui, Shanghai
Travel tips and photos posted by real travelers and Shanghai locals.
Shopping along XuJiahui
Xujiahui is located in the southwestern part of Shanghai. In just ten years, Xujiahui has become one of the four biggest shopping destinations in the city of Shanghai.
Xujiahui Commercial Centre
Xuhui, a district in the southwestern part of Shanghai city proper, is one of the earliest commercial centres in Shanghai.
Xujiahui Travel Map
Sketch map of Xujiahui historical and cultural tourist attractions
Xujiahui Cathedral
The St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai, also referred to as Xujiahui Cathedral, is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral, located on Puxi Road, in the Xujiahui district of Shanghai, China.
Xujiahui (Shanghai Metro)
Xujiahui is the name of an interchange station between Lines 1 and 9 of the Shanghai Metro. It is located in the Xujiahui area of Xuhui District, Shanghai.
Xujiahui Travel Blogs
Xujiahui travel blogs by real travelers.
Xujiahui Tower
The Xujiahui Tower is a supertall skyscraper that is proposed for construction in Shanghai, China.

The Bund
The Bund
The Bund is an area of Huangpu District in central Shanghai, People's Republic of China.
Prime Shanghai shopping – The Bund
The gentrification of Shanghai’s iconic riverfront Bund has seen luxury brands – Giorgio Armani at Three on the Bund, Dolce & Gabbana at 6 Bund and Cartier, Patek Philippe, Ermenegildo Zegna and Boucheron at Bund 18 – move into the former colonial banking HQs.
Shanghai Bund Building Guide
The buildings that constitute the essential famous Bund buildings begin just north of Yan'an Road and are numbered, helpfully, starting with No. 1.
Shanghai Bund Maps
The Bund, also called the Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, is a famous waterfront and is one of the most recognized architectural symbols of Shanghai.

Yuyuan Commercial City
Yuyuan Commercial City
For over 700 years spanning Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties and the early years of the Republic of China, Yu Garden area had been Shanghai’s political, economic and cultural center.
Yuyuan Tourist Mart
Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Company Limited, or Yuyuan Tourist Mart, is the largest retailing conglomerate in China.
Yuyuan Tourist Mart Photo
Yuyuan Tourist Mart photo Gallery

Dongtai Road Antique Market
A Street--- Dongtai Antique Market
Tell you how to bargain and how to get there.

Department Stores & Malls
Carrying on the French Concession image of yesteryear, the Printemps is furnished in high Art Nouveau style, down to its designer-label boutiques and Parisian cafes.
Carrying on the French Concession image of yesteryear, the Printemps is furnished in high Art Nouveau style, down to its designer-label boutiques and Parisian cafes.
Huijin Department Store
This store is great if you're looking for clothes, bags and shoes. It does sell cosmetics, but not a very wide range.
Nextage Department Store
Touted as the second-largest department store on Earth (surpassed only by Macy's in New York), this megastore is 10 stories tall and a square block wide.
Shanghai Fashion Store
Shanghai Fashion Store, which locates at No. 650-690 of East Nanjing Road, is still one of the famous time-honored enterprises on the "No.1 Business Road in China", keeping the unique feature in fashion business.
In Point Mall
Located off Nanjing Xi Lu, this shopping and dining complex, a landmark on the renovated Wujiang Lu, houses four-levels of trendy clothing and accessory boutiques.
FoxTown Factory Outlets
FoxTown Factory Outlets is the first European style Outlet Center in China offering more than 90 international fashion brands in a temple of luxury and elegance.

Shanghai Supermarkets
Over the past 40 years, the Carrefour group has grown to become one of the world’s leading distribution groups.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. was founded by American retail legend Sam Walton in Arkansas in 1962.
Auchan, Shanghai
Auchan is a French international retail group and multinational corporation headquartered in Croix, France. It is one of the world's principal distribution groups with a presence in 12 countries and 175,000 employees.
Century Mart
Century Mart Chain Co., ltd. is a large supermarket group which integrates retail, wholesale, storage and Logistics.
NGS Supermarket
NGS has more than 500 branch stores all over the country, and nearly 300 stores in Shanghai. As it is so widely spread, you can easily enjoy the convenience that NGS brings to.
Shanghai Lohas Supermarket
Lohas Supermarket in Shanghai.
E-Mart Supercentre
The E-Mart Supercentre Company based in the Republic of Korea (ROK) plans to add more than US$20 million to its retail joint venture in the city this year to boost its network of shops in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Shopping For Kids
Great Gift Ideas from Shanghai - For Kids
Shopping for kids in Shanghai is one of the easiest tasks there is. In every market there is everything from the cheapest junk to really nice gifts.
Mu Ying Zhi Jia
A children oriented store sells all the essentials like breast pumps, breast pads, diapers, spoons...
Shanghai Good Baby Photography Studio
One of the best Photography Studio for children in Shanghai.
Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore
The city's largest selection of English-language books and magazines can be found on the first and fourth floors of this big government-run store.
Zara For Kids
Besides selling women stuff, Zara also offers nice selections of children clothing.
J4KID - Children's Furniture Store in Shanghai
Gymboree is a famous Early Childhood Center which was found in the USA.

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