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Shanghai, Hu for short, is the largest city in China. Located at the middle part of the coast of mainland China, Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze. Originally a fishing and textiles town, Shanghai grew to importance in the 19th century. Now Shanghai serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science and technology center in East China. Shanghai is a popular tourist destination which attracts many visitors both home and abroad every year.

General Information
China Facts
Learn some basic knowledge about Shanghai China - its arts, culture, folklore, history, geography, tourism...
Shanghai From Wikipedia
Shanghai is the largest city in China and the largest city proper in the world.
the official website of Shanghai
Shanghai Expat
ShanghaiExpat is where people look first for information about moving to and living in Shanghai.
Shanghai – Definition
Shanghai is China's largest city and is situated on the banks of the Chang Jiang delta.
Shanghai Photos
Welcome to the photo gallery of Shanghai.
Shanghai Daily Photos
Shanghai has a surprise for you everyday. The photos of Shanghai are just personal impressions and taken by others it could become a different image.
Shanghai Population
All cities and counties in the municipal province of Shanghai that have an urban population of more than 50,000.
Shanghai Overview
Shanghai, the eighth largest city of the world is also the largest city in China.
Geography of Shanghai
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shanghai Dialect
Let’s learn and popularize Shanghai dialect.
Shanghai Dialect
Useful Phrases and Expressions.
Shanghai City Guide
Echinacities.com is an English-language website that provides a comprehensive range of services and information for both international visitors and China-based expats.
Shanghai Emergency Numbers
Emergency Numbers and hospitals details in Shanghai offered by travel.com.
Shanghai, China
Shanghai introduction form New World Encyclopedia.
Shanghai From Answers.com
A city of eastern China at the mouth of the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) southeast of Nanjing.
Shanghai China Holidays
detailed information on Shanghai China Holidays provided by a local tour operator.

History of Shanghai
The history of Shanghai, spanning at least eight dynasties in Chinese history, closely parallels the development of modern China.
Shanghai History
Originally a fishing and textiles town, Shanghai grew to importance in the 19th century due to its favorable port location and as one of the cities opened to foreign trade by the 1842 Treaty of Nanking.
Tales of Old Shanghai
several maps of old Shanghai
May Thirtieth Movement
The May Thirtieth Movement was a labor and anti-imperalist movement during the middle-period of the Republic of China era in Shanghai.
The First National Congress of the Communist Party of China
The First National Congress of the Communist Party of China site is located on Xingye Road, Luwan District in Shanghai City.
History of Shanghai From Sina English
If you have ever been to Shanghai, you are sure to be impressed by its modernization. However, you can hardly imagine such a modern city with amazing long history.
Shanghai Timeline
Shanghai timeline from 1007 to 1989.
History of Shanghai
Shanghai historic transportation, modern age, founding of the city, and origin of “Hu” and ”Shen.”
Shanghai and Famous People
There are 34 famous people born in Shanghai, including Amin Mao, Charles Wang, Cheng Pei-pei, etc.
A Short History of Shanghai
Shanghai is a young city. Unlike many cities in China with long and varied histories, Shanghai's history is quite short.

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Shanghai Maps
Shanghai Travel Map
Shanghai is located at the confluence of the Changjiang River and Qiantang River.
Map of Shanghai at Frommer’s
Customize your trip planning experience by plotting selected points of interest using our interactive map.
Map of Shanghai Streets & Roads
offered by chinatouristmaps.com
Shanghai Map
Shanghai 2010 is going to attract the world's attention, as the Shanghai World Expo is going to be held May 1st to October 31st, 2010 in Pudong District.
Shanghai District Map
Shanghai District Map clearly shows the administrative division of Shanghai Municipality.
Shanghai Pudong Maps
Fantastic Pudong with its special location and huge economic potential, Pudong is acting as a hub for new ideas, Products and services in China.
Map of Shanghai Pudong & Hongqiao Airports
Here we provide a detailed map, clearly showing the location of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport.
Shanghai, China Hotels and City Guide
Shanghai Hotels and Shanghai Guide with Shanghai maps, top attractions, room reservations and hotel deals at a wide range of the best Shanghai hotels.
Shanghai Road Map
View Shanghai Road Map.
Shanghai District Maps
Shanghai District maps, including Huangpu District, Changning District, Fengxian District, Nanhui District,etc.

News & Events
Shanghai Daily
Shanghai Daily provides an English window to the news of China. Business-focused, it also reports on social, cultural and diplomatic developments in Shanghai and the surrounding region.
Shanghai Cultural and Tourism Events & Festivals
Cultural and tourism events and festivals
Shanghai Acrobatic
The famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed around the globe and is a wonderful night out for visitors to Shanghai.
Shanghai Circus World
Shanghai Circus World is a large, permanent indoor circus in the city of Shanghai.
Shanghai Tradition
There are many traditions in Shanghai.

Education and Training
Education System in China
In China, the education is divided into three categories: basic education, higher education and adult education.
Bridge For Education and International Travel
The programs provide opportunities for foreign people coming to China to travel, work and homestay. Immersing in China would help you know what real Chinese culture is and also it's a window to know Asia.
Study in China Gateway
Chiwest helps students apply to English and Chinese language university programs throughout China.
Study in Shanghai, China
Shanghai is one of the most populous and most developed cities in the People's Republic of China.
Fudan University
Initially known as "Fudan Public School", Fudan University was founded in the year 1905. "Fudan", literally meaning "(heavenly light shines) day after day", indicates inexhaustible self-reliance and industriousness.
East China University of Science and Technology
East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) is located in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan metropolis where distinguished people, diverse society and exquisite attractions can be found.
Shanghai International Studies University
Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) was founded in December 1949 as the former Shanghai Russian College.
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is located in the north-east of Shanghai, between Huangpu River and Central Link, adjacent to the Fuxing Island and Gongqing Forest Park.
Shanghai Theatre Academy
Shanghai Theatre Academy is a 62 year-old comprehensive university of performing arts, with a focus on theatre training and studies.
Shanghai Maritime University
Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses such areas as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science, with special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management.
Shanghai Ocean University
Shanghai Fisheries University, which was formerly Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries School established in 1912, is a university with 94-year history and glorious tradition.

Arts and Culture
Shanghai Culture
Because of Shanghai's status as the cultural and economic center of East Asia for the first half of the twentieth century, it is popularly seen as the birthplace of everything considered modern in China.
The Culture of Shanghai
The rise of modern Shanghai in just one hundred years is a miracle in the history of Chinese development.
Shanghai Arts and Culture
Shanghai is a special place, not only for being a large metropolis in China, but for its Arts and Culture.
China Art and Culture
Official site of China Ministry of Culture.
Shanghai Library
Shanghai Library is a large, modern and multi-functional public library, covering a combined floor space of 83,000 square meters.
Liu Haisu Art Museum
Liu Haisu Art Museum is a new national art museum in Shanghai.
Shanghai Art Museum
The Shanghai Art Museum is an art gallery in the city of Shanghai, China.
Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art is a multi-functional and non-profit institution of culture and art.
The Origin of Shanghai Rap
Based on the tunes of "monodrama", the Shanghai Rap has been evolved by drawing on the performing skills of Suzhou Tanci Storytelling.

Shanghai Investmente
Shanghai Foreign Investment Service Center
The Shanghai Foreign Investment Service Center (SFISC) is aimed at improving investment climate in Shanghai and promoting the opening-up of Shanghai and the development of Pudong New Area.
Investment Research Analyst
Shanghai investment Responsibilities and Requirements.
Investment Policy in Shanghai
Procedure for Establishing Residential Representative Office in Shanghai By Overseas Enterprise.
Foreign Investment
Offered by shanghaidaily.com
Shanghai Investment Guidance
Shanghai overview, Shanghai Investment Enviroment and Shanghai Investment Opportunities.

Health and Nutrition
Health Services in Shanghai
Medical Services for Expatriates in Shanghai
Health & Beauty Listings in Shanghai
Offered by cityweekend.com
Average Lifespan for Shanghai People
The average lifespan for Shanghai people reached 81.08 last year - the first time it has passed 81.
Shanghai Health & Hospital Information
With more and more skyscrapers changing Shanghai skyline everyday, the city has grown from a sleepy fishing village to a bustling modern metropolis.
Ruijin Hospital
Established in 1907 Ruijing Hospital was originally called Guangci Hospital.
Hua Dong Hospital
Hua Dong Hospital has a diversified structure in order to provide the best for its patients.
Renji Hospital
One of the best compositive hospitals of Shanghai.

Foreign Consulates
Foreign Consulates in Shanghai
There are more than fifty foreign consulates in Shanghai.
Consulate General of Australia
Australia Consulate is located at Level 22, Citic Square, 1168 Nanjing West Road of Shanghai.
Consulate General of Austria
Austria Consulate is located at 3A, Qihua Tower, 1375 Huaihai Zhong Road of Shanghai.
Consulate General of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Brazil Consulate is located at 10 B Qihua building No.1375 Huaihai Zhong Road of Shanghai.
Consulate General of Canada
Canada Consulate is located at Suite 604, Shanghai Center 1376 Nanjing Xi Road of Shanghai.
Consulate General of the Czech Republic
Czech Consulate is located at Room 808, New Town Center, 83 Loushanguan Road of Shanghai.
Consulate General of the Republic of France
France Consulate is located at 12F,United Plaza,1468 Nanjing Xi Road of Shanghai.
Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary
Hungary Consulate is located at Room 2811, Haitong Securities Tower, 689 Guangdong Road of Shanghai.

Working in Shanghai
Industry in Shanghai is expectedly varied for a city with 20 million people, and expats work in a huge array of business.
Teaching Jobs in Shanghai, China
Shanghai is a fascinating place where can offer you plentiful jobs.
Work in China
ChinaJob.com, sponsored by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), is hosted by Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA.

Shanghai Daily
Shanghai Daily, first published on October 1, 1999, is now the premier English-language newspaper in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region.
City Weekend Shanghai
offered by city weekend guide.
Shanghai Jie Fang Daily
Shanghai Jie Fang Daily is a daily newspaper in Shanghai, China covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.
Shanghai Morning Post
Shanghai Morning Post is a newspaper published by Jiefang Daily Newspaper Group since January 1, 1999.
Shanghai Star
Shanghai Star was a weekly English-language newspaper published in Shanghai, China between 1992 and 2006. It was owned and run by its parent, the Beijing-based China Daily.
That’s Shanghai
Shanghai Expat
Time Out Shanghai
Time Out Shanghai is an online guide to Shanghai's restaurants, nightlife, hotels, shopping, sightseeing and more. The city guide is available online and as a guide book.
Shanghaiist is a website about Shanghai and everything that happens in it.
Enjoy Classifieds
EnjoyClassifieds is Shanghai's favorite English language classifieds online and in print. For the latest Jobs, Property or general classifieds, find what you're looking for first with EnjoyClassifieds.
City Moment
City Moments provides you with a unique way of exploring the city’s nightlife and interacting with your friends.

Economy & Trade
Shanghai Economy
Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world and a famous international port.
Shanghai International Trade Center
Shanghai International Trade Center(SITC)is world-class standard, high-rise intelligent building constructed and operated under the collaboration between China and Japan.

Government Agencies
Shanghai Government
Shanghai's official website portal, provide foreigners with comprehensive information regarding work, study, investment, and government.
Overseas Chinese Affairs of Shanghai
The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (OCAO) of Shanghai Municipal People's Government.
Shanghai Customs
Customs is responsible for the surveillance and control over all the imports and exports.
Shanghai Police
The official website of Shanghai Police
Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission
The official website.

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