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Shanghai, which enjoys a good reputation in Chinese gourmet circles, boasts one of China's most characteristic and distinctive cuisines. Shanghai Cuisine is not one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China but is a choice blend of the most appealing aspects of these other national styles of food. The flavor of Shanghai’s cuisine is mainly lightly and delicately seasoned. Famous Shanghai dishes include Fried Crab Ovum, Black Sea Cucumber with Shrimps Roe, Bamboo Shoots and Turnips, and Covered Three Shreds of Mushrooms. Of course, Shanghai offers more than its local Shanghai cuisine. You can find almost all the cuisines here coming from other parts of China or foreign countries - French food, American food, Japanese food, British food, German food, Muslim food and much more. Read some descriptions and reviews of local restaurants around Shanghai before you start to look for the yummy food you like.

General Information
Shanghai Dining
Shanghai cuisine, collecting the traditional of old Shanghai and the fad of new Shanghai, is a place gathering all kinds of snacks.
Shanghai Dining Tips
Read some dining tips before you visit Shanghai.
Shanghai Food
If you are arriving from other areas of China, be prepared to be astounded by the excellent diversity of food in Shanghai, with most Chinese regional cuisines represented, as well as an equally impressive range of foreign cuisine including Brazilian, Indian, Japanese and European.
Shanghai Restaurants Reviews
Reviews and photos of Shanghai restaurants posted by real travelers and locals. The best tips for Shanghai dining.
Shanghai Restaurants Reviews
Shanghai Restaurants Reviews you can trust by real travelers.
Shanghai Food
The following dishes are considered traditional dishes to Shanghai
Shanghai Snacks
Refreshments and snacks from all over China and the world are available in Shanghai. Local snacks in Shanghai have their specialties and should not be missed.
Shanghai Restaurants
Shanghai restaurants listings in Shanghai.
Shanghai Cuisine
Shanghai cuisine, also known as Hu cai is a popular style of Chinese cuisine.
Where to Eat in Shanghai
Shanghai is China's most cosmopolitan city and the only trouble you'll have when dining here is deciding where to go. These pages should make that decision a little easier.
Famous Dishes in Shanghai
Famous dishes listings of Shanghai
Shanghai Food Photo Gallery
Here are some photos of local Chinese dishes in Shanghai.
Shanghai Snack Streets
We will lead you to a number of snack streets clustered with restaurants and eateries in Shanghai. They will be sure to satisfy your one-stop tasting.

Shanghai Cuisine
Chinese cuisine
eight main regional cuisines.
History of Chinese Cuisine
The History of Chinese cuisine in China traced back to the Peking Man and his use of fire and the invention of "cuisine" some 400,000 years ago.
Shanghai Cuisine
Shanghai cuisine, also known as Hu cai is a popular style of Chinese cuisine.
Shanghai Cuisine
Shanghai, the largest city in the People's Republic of China, incorporates the cooking styles of the surrounding provinces.
Recommended Shanghai Cuisine Restaurants
Shanghai recommended cuisine restaurants listings
Shanghai Cuisine
Shanghai cuisine is the youngest among the ten major cuisines in China though with a history of more than 400 years.
Famous Dishes in Shanghai
The saying "Satisfying eating is in Shanghai" is actually not coined by the Shanghailanders of today, but prevailed already some 80 years ago.
Lu Bo Lang
Being famous for its delicious Shanghai Benbang Cuisine and dim sums, Lu Bo Lang restaurant is favored by many foreign leaders and visitors.
Lao Zheng Xing Restaurant
This is one of the oldest Shanghai Cuisine restaurants. With simple and elegant decoration as well as traditional Shanghai Benbang dishes, it is popular with senior Shanghainese.
Wang Bao He Restaurant
Opened in 1936, it is now specialized in making rice wine and cooking river crab. It is one of the best places to taste crab.
Ye Olde Station Restaurant
With crisp linen and a sharp colonial façade, this restaurant serves meals infinitely classier than most alternative fare around Xijiahui.
Morning Shanghai
The restaurant lobby, surrounded with plain bricks and lattice windows, looks like an old alleyway or a court yard.
Cui Ting Xuan
This restaurant has a Southeast Asian style decor. Dishes served here are mainly improved Shanghai Haipai Cuisine.
Xiang Qiang Fang
This restaurant has the 1930s impression of Shanghai. The furnishings have the 'old' look to them and waiters wear old gown of the 1930s.
Lynn has a very pleasant environment and is typically popular with foreigners. The signature dish Wuwei Rensheng is worth trying.
Lang Yi Fang Restaurant
The restaurant serves authentic Shanghai Benbang dishes at reasonable prices. The crab bean curd, smoked fish and Babao Duck are its signature dishes.
The Whampoa Club
Nestled among glass office towers, Whampoa Club offers a refreshing respite from Beijing’s rather characterless financial district.
Ye Shanghai
Ye Shanghai, which means “Shanghai evening”, is located in Xintiandi.

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Shanghai Snacks
Shanghai Snacks
Refreshments and snacks from all over China and the world are available in Shanghai. Local snacks in Shanghai have their specialties and should not be missed.
Shanghai Snacks and Dishes
Offered by chinaculture.org
Wujiang Road Snack Street
Wujiang Road is a famous snack street in Shanghai, by the Nanjing Road.
Wufangzhai is the top choice for Shanghai people to buy Zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival every year.
Xian De Lai Restaurant
Xian De Lai Restaurant serves the national favorite pork ribs fried with glutinous rice cake.
Set up in 1936, Lvyangcun Restaurant got its name from the line "The city replete with green poplars is Yangzhou."
Xiaoxian Shengjian Restaurant
Though Xiaoxian Shengjian Restaurant is not an old and famous restaurant, but it is the most popular restaurant by Shanghainese, people often wait in line to buy the bread.
He Feng Lou
He Feng Lou brings all Chinese snacks together and introduces 144 snacks and dishes from 8 major styles and their 16 sub-cuisines.
Xiao Shaoxing Restaurant
The specialties in Xiao Shaoxing Restaurant are boiled chicken and other Shanghai cuisines.
Shanghai Snacks
Shanghai snacks, which is can be traced back to the southern Song Dynasty, are renowned for their unique flavors.

Hot Pot
Shanghai Hot Pot Restaurant Listings
offered by cityweekend.com
Muslim Hot Pot in Shanghai
Shanghai’s preeminent Muslim restaurant gets a facelift, but leaves their famous food just as delicious as it always was.
Hot Pot Restaurants in Shanghai
Nine hot pot restaurants are listed.
Dong Lai Shun
This is an old authentic Beijing hot pot restaurant. The decoration and the food show traditional eating habit in north China.
Faigo Hot Pot
Localed in a striking four-storey building, Faigo Hot Pot featurs an elegant decor that blends Chinese traditional elements with Western-style chic.
Hotpot Shanghai
This is a luxury hot pot restaurant. The tableware and the food are all in dainty presentation.
Colourful Hotpot
The special layout of this restaurant is designed by a Swedish designer.
Dolar Shop
It is an authentic Macau hot pot restaurant. Unlike other noisy hot pot restaurants, the environment here is caliginous, quiet, and comfortable.
Fenghua Hotpot
This restaurant is similar to the forenamed Dolar Shop. You can have your own pot and self-help sauce here.
Kuo Bee Pen Da
Kuo Bee Pen Da is famous for its curry hot pot.

Vegetarianism is the practice of following a plant-based diet including fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts, and seeds, with or without dairy products and eggs.
Vegetarianism in Chinese History
China was a major center of Buddhism and the founding state of Taoism, two nature-oriented philosophies that promote vegetarianism and low-impact living.
Vegetarian Restaurants in Shanghai
Vegetarian Restaurants listings in Shanghai
Vegetarian Restaurants
Offered from vegetarian-china.info
Chunfeng Songyue Vegetarian Restaurant
This restaurant is located near the Old Town God Temple, so it is popular for the locals and the tourists to dine here after visiting the temple.
Jen Dow
Jen Dow is located inside a five star hotel behind Longhua Temple. This self-serve vegetarian restaurant offers Japanese and Western food and is popular with monks.
Godly is decorated in an ancient Chinese style with engraved gate, wooden coiled curtain, and bluestone floor. The quiet and exquisite environment makes it popular with many old Shanghainese.
Vegetarian Lifestyle
This restaurant serves tasty and healthy vegetarian food. Chang Xiang Si is the signature dish that you must have a try.
Jade Buddha Temple Vegetarian Restaurant
This restaurant is a good choice for vegetarians after visiting the Jade Buddha Temple. Vegetarian dishes, snacks, and noodles are served.
Ji Xiang Cao Vegetarian Restaurant
The restaurant is decorated with bluestone floor, flax curtain, and wooden tables and chairs.
L'Arbre de Provence
This is a western vegetarian restaurant. Various western foods provide you with many choices. You can try the paper hot pot and the Provence nut meal here.

Cafes & Teahouses
Teahouses in Shanghai
Just like coffee to the westerners, tea is an indispensable part of the daily life to Chinese people.
Shanghai Cafes
Shanghai cafes listings
Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse
Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse is a big pavilion in the middle of an artificial lake in the Yuyuan Garden of Shanghai.
Gu Yuan Antique Tea House
Gu Yuan is decorated with an old-time style. The ancient archway, the stone carvings, the gold-plating paintings, and the delicate garden inside will all fascinate you when you enter the teahouse.
Tai He Teahouse
With a minimum expense of a pot of tea, you can enjoy the various snacks for free. The beef, barbecued food, and fruits are tasty.
Dehe Teahouse
The capacious De He Teahouse will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Besides the tea you asked, it also provides a buffet dinner of various snacks and fruits.
La Bella Café
Furnished in a bright contemporary style, this cafe is resplendent in turquoise and red quilted silk bar stools and banquettes.
Ikea Cafe
Take a break from wading through the beautiful IKEA home furnishings and relax at the store's cafe with a cup of hot coffee and some cake.

Foreign Food Restaurants
Shanghai Dining Korean Listings
by cityweekend
Dining International: Shanghai’s Gone Global
Shanghai's eating zone has definitely gone global. A huge number of world class, beautifully designed restaurants are now at your disposal.
Malone’s Tongren Road
Malone's is an old American cafe in Shanghai whose big hamburger is the signature dish.
TGI Friday's
It is a famous American restaurant serving authentic western fast food. The beefsteak, fried potato strips and chocolate milk shake are tasty.
The quiet KABB is an exception in Xin Tian Di. Unlike other noisy restaurants, KABB is a restaurant and bar for diners to relax.
Moon River Diner
Moon River offers food of typical American family style. Dishes are served in very big containers. Outdoor seats are available.
Han Shan Gong
This restaurant offers delicate South Korean dishes such as pumpkin porridge, grilled streaky pork, grilled ox tongue, fried rice cake, Bibimbap, mutton chop and kimchi.
Li Hua Yuan
Li Hua Yuan is an old South Korean restaurant in Shanghai. It mainly offers traditional South Korean dishes emphasizing the original taste of the ingredients.
Hazara features typical south Asian style decorated with stone Buddhas, valances, and traditional Indian saris.
The Tandoor is the finest India restaurant chain in China which was established in 1994.
Punjabi Restaurant
Punjabi offers authentic Indian food including naans, yogurt, curry mutton and chicken and tandoori food. A buffet dinner service is also available.
Indian Kitchen
India Kitchen is a popular Indian restaurant with an open kitchen, from which diners can clearly see the chefs at work.
Vedas Indian Cuisine & Lounge
Vedas offers savory roast chicken, Indian pancake and Indian yogurt.
Kaveen's Kitchen
Kaveen's Kitchen could offer an exciting experience with a live grill for Indian cusines.
Azul & Viva
Azul & Viva with two stories offers leisurely environment and authentic Spanish food.
Indalo offers quiet and tidy environment as well as tasty Spanish food such as tapas and cuttlefish rice.
Jean Georges
Jean Georges at the Bund along the Huangpu River offers a romantic environment, excellent service and authentic French food.
Chartres Restaurant
The quiet Chartres offers diners a good chance to taste French food. The Pre-dinner bread is very delicious.
Le Bouchon
This is a family style restaurant offering common French dishes. There are a few dishes but all embrace an authentic flavor. The steak, goose liver and escargot are especially good.
Va Bene
Va Bene is located in a quiet lane in Xin Tian Di, which offers traditional Italian food such as pizza, pasta, goose liver, mutton chop, salmon and Tiramisu.
Nadaman is a high-class Japanese restaurant in Shanghai. The interior is designed like a Japanese garden.

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